Kate Kershaw
Kate Kershaw

Kate L Kershaw



Photography... the art of painting with light

It's an honour to be invited into your family home or to share your favourite location to freeze a moment in time for you with beautiful authentic portraits. To keep things creative and fresh it's exciting to try capturing something new at every photo shoot I do.

Tailor-made for you

Every family is different so each one of my shoots is a unique custom experience to tell the story of "A Day In The Life" of your family. I invest my time with you on the day and my shoot style is relaxed, fun and spontaneous to help create natural looking portraits. I will often stand back to observe and capture children just the way they are that day... Happy or shy, noisy or thoughtful, playful or having a power nap. As a female photographer I feel I'm able to work intuitively and sensitively and just go with the flow. I take advantage of working with the available daylight to keep a natural look to your portraits and to help me remain as unobtrusive as possible.

Natural, relaxed portraits

Children are such inspiring subjects to photograph as they grow up and change so quickly from tiny newborns to toddlers and then to adventurous princesses and pirates exploring everything around them and living in the moment. It's very rewarding for me to be able to capture real memories of childhood and family life in timeless images for you to treasure and be proud to display around your home.

I hope the quality of my portraits reflect my excitement and passion for what I do.

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